Ril's Steaks


We source the best, most flavourful meat we can find, choose the juiciest and most tender cuts and cook them the best way we know how. Ril’s Steaks are seared at intensely high heat to produce the ultimate flavour, then finished in the oven for the perfect ‘doneness’ before being allowed to rest for a good while to allow the flavour to develop. Simple, succulent and ultimately satisfying.


Our Selection

Australian Ribeye Grass-fed, 300g/400g 

Australian Angus Ribeye Grain-fed, 300g/400g 

Australian Angus Sirloin Grain-fed, 300g/400g 

Australian Tenderloin Grain-fed, 300g 

Australian Wagyu Ribeye MB5, 300g/400g 


To Share

Australian Wagyu OP Rib MB5, 1.2-1.6kg 

Diamantina OP Rib, 1.2-1.6kg

Australian Porterhouse,1-1.5kg 



Ril’s Roasted Garlic Jus

Bone Marrow Gravy 

Anchovy Butter 

Café de Paris 




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